Contraindications of Infrared Sauna

CONTRAINDICATION IS WHEN IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE INFRARED SAUNA- Always discuss this with your physician prior to usage. *Pregnancy; A relatively safe temperature 39° (102.5) or 70° (158) if under 20 minutes or 33.4° (92.1) if under 45 minutes. *Absolutely no alcohol usage *Hypotension particularly in the elderly age. Note, if your bloodContinue reading “Contraindications of Infrared Sauna”

No to Regulation of Massage and especially of Osteopathy.

Written by a *Former Social Work Diploma student at Mount Royal University *Former Registered Emergency Medical Responder and member of the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP) for one year *Former Registered Massage Therapist (now demoted to Spa Practitioner) for 9 years & *Current Registered Manual Osteopathic and Spa Therapist with the Canadian Massage and ManualContinue reading “No to Regulation of Massage and especially of Osteopathy.”

Fix your pubis dysfunction!

Shotgun Method- Goals: To realign pubic tubercles Technique- 1. Assess your pubic tubercles while laying down, and determine if they are even or not. If you do not know what this means, book your next appointment with your favorite Massage/Osteopathic therapist before continuing to the next steps. 2. Client supine on the spine, knees bentContinue reading “Fix your pubis dysfunction!”

How to Regain Strength in My Arms Part 2?

Treatment Exercises Dumbbell curls: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and comfortable, Dumbbells in each hand, held loosely, in a neutral position (meaning your thumb is forward, not turned in or out to the side). Avoid locking out your knees, elbows, or wrists. Keep everything relaxed. Then when you begin the curl, your thumbs naturally rotate out soContinue reading “How to Regain Strength in My Arms Part 2?”

How To Regain Strength In Your Arms Part 1

Whether you’ve suffered an injury, or you’ve had your mobility compromised, it can be difficult to rebuild the strength and range of motion (ROM) of your arms. Healing alone can take weeks, even months, and sometimes ineffective training after an incident can lead to long-lasting loss of muscle and strength.  Before you begin to strengthen,Continue reading “How To Regain Strength In Your Arms Part 1”