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Our Mission

With experienced and dedicated practitioners, we aim to provide high-quality integrated therapies. We will prioritize you, the patient, in order to find the root cause of your problem rather than just treating the symptoms. We strive to provide consistently excellent treatment and service to patients of all ages suffering from a wide range of health issues.

Our Values

Quality & Safety: We strive to create a safe environment in which quality is the guiding principle.

Dignity and Respect: We treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Caring and Listening: We listen to and care about our clients, health plan members, coworkers, physicians, and community.

Responsibility and Integrity: We carry out our work with the utmost care and integrity.

Excellence and Development: We think creatively and strive for excellence in everything we do.

Humanity and Neutrality: We serve people, but not systems. Taking care of initiatives and considering human rights in medical choice- the most basic of the human agreement.

What Is Osteopathic Therapy?

Manual Osteopathic Practitioners recognize the significance of the relationship between the structure and function of the body. Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy that promotes healing by focusing on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues all work together. Gentle movements are used by manual osteopathic practitioners to address issues with the spine, joints, muscles, organs, fascia, and fluids. It is the detection and reversal of mechanical and physiological shifts that occur over time.

Why It Works

Osteopathy has been shown to have neurophysiological effects, which means it functions as a link between the nervous system and the rest of the body. The assessments aid in determining precisely where the pain or dysfunction is located, as well as which systems are involved. The treatment gently relieves friction, allowing for realignment, relaxation, and blood flow. Relief may occur after a single treatment, but long-term improvement may necessitate a treatment plan. Pain relief, stiffness reduction, increased muscular function, and improved range of motion and posture are just a few of the advantages.

Surfing the Sympathetic Nervous System: Nerves send out signals that can be pain, tingling, weakness, or other dysfunctions. These signals originate in the vertebrae but must pass through many obstacles, including tissues such as bone, muscle, and fascia. We can target specific vertebrae that are responsible for specific functions. MO techniques induce deep tissue relaxation and pain reduction via the central nervous system.

MO is performed entirely and precisely by hand palpation. After a thorough examination, the entire body is examined and treated as needed. Each treatment is unique because each of the bodies examined is unique. Both the practitioner and the client have a role to play in the healing process, and both need to be present.

Sample Menu


A consultation to develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on an examination.
$150.00 – 90min

Women’s Health

Female clients’ anatomy, physiology, and specific needs, such as infertility, pelvic and abdominal discomfort or dysfunctions, prenatal
and postnatal health, and so much more!

$150.00 – 90min

Therapeutic Soft Tissues Manipulation- Massage

Relaxing massage with perfect pressure provided by a skilled and educated practitioner with a 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma.
$110.00 – 60min

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“A positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to your health. Our team is extremely patient and knowledgeable, and we are dedicated to assisting clients in feeling better and being well-informed when making critical health decisions. At Island Manual Osteopathic Therapies, we won’t be satisfied until you no longer require our services. Get in touch with us right away to learn more.”

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