Fix your pubis dysfunction!

Shotgun Method- Goals: To realign pubic tubercles


1. Assess your pubic tubercles while laying down, and determine if they are even or not. If you do not know what this means, book your next appointment with your favorite Massage/Osteopathic therapist before continuing to the next steps.

2. Client supine on the spine, knees bent into flexion, with ankles medial malleoli close together, and knees together because remember, this means hips are aligned!

3. Warm up your muscles by gently resisting abduction and adduction (squeezing knees inwards and outwards) with a maximum of 10 % effort held for 10 seconds with 3-5 repetitions.

3. Position 1-2 pillows between the knees, and then with a quick rare 100% effort, squeeze the knees together for 1 second and then release. Expect loud crepitus with or without discomfort which should dissipate after contraction. You are using your legs like levers to create a shift in the pubis to align.

4. Reassess the alignment of the pubic tubercles, if not still not even, leave it to the professionals and BOOK NOW at

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