Women’s Osteopathy

A consultation is held to develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on an examination. Blood pressure checks, lymphatic and visceral evaluations, structural and myofascial evaluations, specific testing, and other procedures are frequently included. M.O. Specific therapies can help people with specific issues such as headaches or elbow pain, but they can also be used to detect dysfunction before it leads to disease. If a client wishes to receive financial compensation for their therapy, they must be aware of their specific insurance coverage prior to scheduling an appointment. Anatomy, physiology, and female clients’ specific needs, such as infertility, pelvic and abdominal discomfort or dysfunctions, prenatal and postnatal health, and so much more!

Initial Visit 90 minutes $180 

Follow up and or Pre/Post-natal Visit 90 minutes $150

Follow up and or Pre/Post-natal Visit 60 minutes $110

GST Not Included

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