Contraindications of Infrared Sauna

CONTRAINDICATION IS WHEN IT IS NOT SAFE TO USE INFRARED SAUNA- Always discuss this with your physician prior to usage.

*Pregnancy; A relatively safe temperature 39° (102.5) or 70° (158) if under 20 minutes or 33.4° (92.1) if under 45 minutes.

*Absolutely no alcohol usage

*Hypotension particularly in the elderly age. Note, if your blood pressure has been constantly and consistently low then it is not necessarily hypotension

*Recent myocardial infarction

*Unstable Angina Pectoris

*Severe Aortic Stenosis

-Altered/ Reduced sweat function Multiple Sclerosis Central Nervous System Tumor Diabetes with Neuropathy

*Medication- Ask your physician if the infrared sauna is safe when using any prescriptions.

*Heat increases stress on the cardiac system, increasing blood flow and the heart rate has the potential to increase by 30 beats per minute for each degree of increase of core temperature.

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